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Ghosh Lab Alumni (updated October 2013)

PhD and Postdoctoral Trainees

Title of Research Project Current Position
Aizawa, Hiro

01-03 Role of CREST in cortical development Assistant Professor, University of Tokyo
Chen, Yachi

01-03 Calcium regulation of Rap1 signaling Research Assistant Professor, SUNY Stony Brook
Davis, Elizabeth

04-08 Wnt regulation of synaptogenesis UCSF Pharmacy School
Denardo, Laura

09-13 NGL2 and synapse specificity Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University
de Wit, Joris

08-12 LRR proteins and synapse development Assistant Professor, University of Leuven
Dijkhuizen, Paul

98-00 BDNF regulation of dendritic morphology Associate Director, Biogen-IDEC
Dilmac, Nejmi

04-05 NMDAR signaling in neurons Stem Cell Research, Chicago
Hall, Ben

02-08 NR2B signaling in neurons Senior Scientist, Roche
Hu, Ginny

11-14 Rett Syndrome iPS cells Regulatory Affairs, Volcano Corporation
Hu, Shu-Ching (Gene) 97-01 Calcium regulation of CBP Assistant Professor, Neurology, University of Washington
Ince-Dunn, Gulayse 00-06 Calcium regulation of NeuroD2 Assistant Professor, Koc University, Istanbul
Kashani, Amir

01-04 Calcium regulation of LMO4 Research Scientist, Ophthalmology, USC
Kim, Jean

06-13 Rett Syndrome iPS cells Assistant Professor, Baylor College of Medicine
Konur Ultanir, Sila

04-06 Role of NR1 in spine morphogenesis Assistant Professor, MRC UK
Morrow, Theresa

97-00 Regulation of cortical cell fate Senior Staff Scientist, Dart Neuroscience
O'Sullivan, Matthew 08-12 Flrt-Lphn interactions and synapse development Medical Student, Duke University
Otto-Hitt, Stefanie

07-11 Control of synaptic stability Assistant Professor, Carroll College
Polleux, Franck

97-00 Sema3A regulation of neuronal morphology Professor, Columbia University
Qiu, Zilong

03-09 Calcium regulation of CREST-BRG1 complex Assistant Professor, Institute of Neuroscience, Shanghai
Redmond, Lori

96-01 CREB regulation of dendritic morphology Assistant Professor, Medical College of Georgia
Ripley, Beth

03-08 Dynamics of synapse formation Radiology Resident, Brigham and Women's Hospital
Shieh, Perry B.

96-00 Calcium regulation of BDNF Assistant Professor, Neurology, UCLA
Song, Mi-Ryoung

99-04 FGF2 regulation of cortical cell fate Assistant Professor, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Korea
Sriram, Balaji

12-13 Analysis of visual function Postdoctoral Fellow, UCSD
Sylwestrak, Emily

07-13 Role of Elfn1 in synaptic release Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University
Whitford Baranano, Kristin 99-03 Slit regulation of dendritic morphology Instructor, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Wilke, Scott

03-09 NeuroD2 regulation of hippocampal development Psychiatry Resident, UCSF
Williams, Megan

04-11 Regulation of synaptic specificity Assistant Professor, University of Utah
Yuan, Shauna

04-06 Calcium regulation of TOX3 Assistant Professor, UCSD

Research Associates, Visiting Scientists, Undergraduates

  • Rebecca Alvania
  • Joseph Antonios
  • Aii Badkoobehi
  • Irantzu Bernales
  • Kate Bobb
  • Joshua Buchman
  • Anthony Daggett
  • Samantha Eels
  • Joy Fakhoury
  • Asa Gardner
  • Inga Gurevich
  • Eric Kang
  • Hanqing Li
  • Marin McDonald
  • Tim Moeller
  • Daniele Peters
  • Katie Peterson Tiglio
  • Nichole Prescott
  • Deepak Ravi
  • Chris Sanchez
  • Natalie Shanks
  • Richard Threadgill
  • Phyllis Wang
  • Matt Williams
  • Merve Oney
  • Tara Raam
  • Max Caccese

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