Ghosh Lab Software

The following plugins were developed for use with ImageJ, which is freely available at To install a plugin, download the plugin (.class) files and place them in the “plugins” folder inside the ImageJ application folder. The next time ImageJ starts, the new plugin will be added to the “Plugins” menu. Optionally, the source code (.java) files for each plugin may also be downloaded and placed in the same folder, allowing the user to inspect or make changes to the plugin as desired.

Additional information about each plugin can be accessed in ImageJ by holding down the “Shift” key and selecting the plugin from the “Plugins” menu.

Sholl Analysis Plugin (v1.0)
Performs Sholl analysis on an image of a neuron.

Plugin File: ShollAnalysis_.class

Source Code:

Documentation: ShollAnalysis.pdf

EdgeFitter Plugin (v1.0)
Fits a line selection to the edges of an object in an image.

Plugin File: EdgeFitter_.class

Source Code:

Documentation: EdgeFitter.pdf